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Les passeports de Trois Rivières en Blues en prévente dès le 1 mars 2019.


Ça y est! Vous nous le demandiez, nous vous avons écoutés! Dès le 1er mars, vous pourrez vous procurer vos passeports en prévente à partir de seulement 32$ plus taxes*!

Restez à l’affût, les premiers noms du festival seront annoncés au cours des prochaines semaines!

*Tarif de prévente en vigueur jusqu’au 14 avril.


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Gerry Boulet aurait eu 73 ans le 1er mars 2019, témoignage de John McGale.

John McGale fait souvent de beaux témoignage au sujet de nos artistes qui ont façonné la musique québécoise, voici un texte touchant  pris sur Facebook:


I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought of was my old friend and partner in Offenbach Gerry Boulet. This happens just about every year at this time. Gerry’s birthday is tomorrow, March 1st.

I was wondering how he would be doing, how he would look and if we would still be making music together. I always thought that Gerry would look like Gilles Vigneault as he got older, their profiles are very similar and the same brilliant blue eyes. Gilles is now 90.

I did the math in my head and realized that he would be 73 this year. He was eleven years older than me. I am now 22 years older than he was when he died.

I owe a lot to my old friend, I wouldn’t have had half the opportunities that have opened up to me if he hadn’t contacted me 3 times to join the band before I finally agreed. Once I join something I stay with it. I’m very cautious about getting involved and committing myself to a project unless I feel good about the people I work with. I don’t want playing music to become a job.

Gerry was my mentor and my friend and as a songwriter he recognized my talent early on and put me to work. I became the principal songwriter for the band starting in 1978. I had only been in the band 2 months when we started recording our landmark Lp « Traversion ». I wrote 5 out of 10 songs on that record.

He defended me on several occasions when people were harassing me for being « English » (I’m Irish by the way….BIG difference!). The separatist movement was in full force in the late 1970’s and all through the 1980’s. It was not always easy to be an « Anglo » in Quebec at that time, and Gerry always stood by me and made sure I was okay. There were a few times when some guys were itching to beat me up, especially in the really pro-Quebec – Fuck the English parts of the province….and there were a lot of them at the time. There was an exodus of English people leaving the province then and lot of Quebecers wanted to see me get back on the bus heading down the 401.

But….I liked in here. I was a Quebecer by choice, not simply because I was born here. My friends were here.

I started getting prepared to head to the dive boat this morning, thinking about Gerry being 73. He was 33 when I first met him on June 4th 1978.

I got to the dive center. I do not own my own dive equipment and rely on Seafari to supply me with what I need. A wetsuit, BCV, regulator, fins, mask and dive computer all put neatly into a large dive bag. Numbered, so it’s easy to identify.

I looked at the bag after Camille gave it to me. #73.

I think Gerry was thinking about me too.

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Playlist: RUE D’AUTEUIL 1 mars. 2019, CKRL 89,1 Québec

De Michel Dubois:

Playlist: RUE D’AUTEUIL 1 mars. 2019, CKRL 89,1 Québec


Bonne musique, infos et des prix à gagner.

Vous pouvez écrire en tout temps à et appeler durant l’émission au 418-640-1586. Nous avons aussi la page RUE D’AUTEUIL sur Facebook, pour consulter les playlists.

Également en podcast (baladodiffusion), disponible à




Lire la suite

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