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Anthony Gomes et la fondation « Music is the Medecine » au département de psychiatrie de l’hôpital Général de Montréal.

anthony gomesLors de son séjour à Montréal pour le festival de Jazz 2016, Anthony Gomes a profité de l’occasion pour se rendre à l’hôpital général pour offrir la musique aux patients du département de psychiatrie. Vous pouvez lire l’article (en anglais) de CBC News ICI

Music is the medecine est une fondation mise sur pied en 2010 par Anthony Gomes pour aider les gens avec l’énergie bienfaisante de la musique. Une levée de fonds de 5000$ est mise en ligne pour aider les adultes en psychiatrie du centre de santé universitaire McGill de Montréal. Nous pouvons contribuer à cette levée de fonds ICI

voici le témoignage publié par Anthony Gomes:


When I was 12 years old, my mother was diagnosed as a Paranoid Schizophrenic. In those days people didn’t talk about mental illness and we didn’t understand much about it. Anyone who suffers from Mental Illness or has a family member that does, knows how difficult this illness can be on so many different levels. My mother ended up moving in with her Mother who lived in Montreal (six hours away from Toronto where we had been living). My grandmother could care for my Mom full time as well as take care of my grandfather who was in the latter stages of Cancer. Every weekend my Dad and I would drive up to visit my Mother. It was hard.

My Mom knew it and asked me if there was anything she could do to make things better. I told her that I wanted to have an electric guitar. So, we went down to Steve’s Music in Montreal and I got my FIRST electric guitar. It was an Ibanez Destroyer. It was this crazy looking heavy rock guitar that was black with three pickups and a whammy bar. This was quite the rock n roll machine for a nerdy kid from the suburbs. I remember spending weekends in Montreal with my Mom and I would practice my guitar for hours.

Before the age of 12 my Mom was the mother that all the kids wanted to have. She would spoil all of us rotten, drive us to hockey practice, take us to the movies and bake us treats. Then, all of a sudden, it was like she was gone and somebody else took her place.

Music is what got me though the pain and helplessness. Music stepped in when my Mom had to step away. It taught me about love, live, heartbreak and joy. It also let me know that I wasn’t alone. And, it let me know that everything was going to be alright.
Music became my Medicine. And whether I realized it or not, my journey was to play music as an agent of healing and change. A few years ago, with the help of some great friends, I started the Music Is The Medicine Foundation. Our mission statement is to “impact tangible change through the healing power of music.” This foundation has done some wonderful things and used music as a healer.

I recently heard of a program in Montreal General Hospital that uses music to treat those with Paranoia and Schizophrenia. They have a choir made up of patients. They have toured the world and released 2 albums of original music. Because music therapy is a little ‘outside the box’ they don’t always get the funding they need.
As you can imagine,THIS REALLY TOUCHED MY HEART. Today I went to the hospital and performed ‘Darkest Before The Dawn’ with the choir. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

We want to supply them with a PA system for them to practice and perform as well as donating listening stations (tablets with music library) so they can listen to music when they feel anxious and alone.

We are trying to raise $5000 (US) toward this effort and need your help! Please donate at our homepage through PayPal below. Every dollar helps, there is no amount too big or too small.. Please donate and share this post.. Thanks for you love and support~

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